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We buy for you from online stores, fleamarket apps,
and physical stores in Japan!

NOTICE: Due to other commitments and time constraints, we have closed our service as of 24th May. We will continue process ongoing orders, and you can continue to track them via the site. However, we will no longer be accepting new orders. We apologize for the inconvenience that our discontinuation of these services may cause some of you, particularly our regular customers. We want to sincerely thank you all for using our service over the years. It has been an absolute pleasure shopping for you and working with so many of you, and it has been an amazing experience for us. Thank you very much!
What We Do

We Help You:

  • Buy from Japan-based stores that don't ship internationally
  • Help you understand confusing Japanese websites
  • Make Japan-only payments. Many websites only accept Japanese credit cards or bank transfers
  • Shop

    Sign up and submit an order. You receive an immediate quote, and there is no obligation to buy!


    We buy your item and keep you updated with alerts every step of the way. You can view your order's status real-time via your dashboard


    Choose which orders to ship, and combine your goods in one package to save on shipping costs. Consolidation is 100% free!

    Why Choose Us?
    Low, Simple Fees
    All our fees are simple, flat fees. Online orders are only 550 yen per item! We purchase from online stores, fleamarket apps (Mercari, Otamart, etc.), and physical stores. See all fees here.

    High-Quality Customer Service
    You can come to us with any inquiries, and we will do our best to help. We care about providing friendly and quick service to make the shopping process smooth and easy for everyone!

    Instant Purchase
    You don't have to wait for staff to get back to you with quote. You will receive one instantly and can purchase your order right away.

    Flexible Shopping - Buy From Any Store!
    We purchase from online stores, fleamarket apps, physical stores, and events! We can also provide a real-time shopping experience as well as purchase pre-orders and time-sensitive purchases! Just come to us with any request and we'll do our best to help.

    And More!

    Free Consolidation
    Consolidation is 100% Free
    No Hidden Fees
    We Tell You All Known Costs Up Front
    Free Storage
    30 Days Free Storage
    Money Back Guarantee
    We Provide a Full Service Refund If We Cannot Purchase Your Order
    See What Our Customers Are Saying
    A very pleasant experience! Staff was really helpful and they went above and beyond to get me my items. Everything arrived safe. Thanks so much!
    I've been Accio Tokyo's customer for a good time now and they are simply amazing! Friendly staff and efficient service that can help with many different kinds of items. I highly recommend! :)
    10/10 service, thank you so much for working so closely with me. Would highly recommend this shopping service!