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Bread Slippers by Marude Pan

September 05, 2016

Bread Slippers by Marude Pan


Here is something that brings a whole new meaning to the word “loafers”.

These bread-themed slippers made by Marude Pan are soft, spongy, the perfect design for relaxing at home. Not to mention they’re very affordable with prices starting at only 1,750 yen. Forget walking on eggshells. Let’s all walk on bread!

They’re a one-size-fits-all with three quirky designs available –
French Bread, Bread Roll and Hot Dog
bread slippers

You want a backpack that looks like a piece of toast? How about a pencil case shaped like a french loaf? No problem. Marude Pan specialize in making bread-style products, including backpacks, cushions, pouches and more. And we have to say, we love it!

You can transform your humble home into a bakery Valhalla with these cute products.

Slipper Price: From 1,750 yen
More info:

Want these slippers or other bread-style goodies? Let us know! We can get them for you or find out more.

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