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Keep Your Pants On…Your Bottle!

January 23, 2017

Keep Your Pants On…Your Bottle!


Introducing panties for your bottle!

Not only do these actually exist, they are currently a very popular series being sold in gacha gacha machines (a type of vending machine) in Japan.

Pop in 200 yen, turn the handle and you will receive your very own pair. These cute little panties come in different colours and designs to keep your bottle’s bottie warm in the cold, winter weather.

Suffice to say, with a pair of these on, there’s no denying your bottle will be the talk of any room, mostly with people asking, “Why is your bottle wearing panties?” and “Where can I get a pair for my tragically unfashionable bottle?

Believe it or not, these panties do have some purpose. They can act like a coaster for the condensation that collects on the bottle when it’s filled with a cold drink. The bottle panties protect your desk or any other surface from getting ruined by soaking up the water droplets.

But they’re not just confined to bottles!

People have been getting…well, let’s say…creative with this tiny underwear army by showing off their collections on Twitter, and letting others in on the “secret pairs” that lurk in the gacha gacha machines. Check out some of the weird and wonderful tweets below.

A new pair of bottle panties has been released~The secret pair was white briefs!

– なつ たつや ‏@niwakunkun January 14, 2017 (translated)

The gacha gacha bottle panties fit EyeZon perfectly! He’s cute as a baby! This really is a must-have item for people who like sofubi [soft vinyl figures] and stuffed toys.

(・ω・),2.5お絵描きバイキング (‏@mony_moky) January 17, 2017 (translated)

My bottle panty set is complete. The secret pair was a black thong. ( ´ิ❥´ิ ) I didn’t have a stuffed toy that could wear them on their bottom half, so I got Dekajasu to wear them.

— おぱんつ (@pan2chota) June 10, 2015 (translated)

“I found some bottle panties! They were a perfect fit, so now they are Baymax’s panties. #Today’sgachagacha

— 外堀を埋められているミロ (@millochebich) June 10, 2015 (translated)

That reminds me, I got some bottle panties from a gacha machine a while back, and they’re a perfect fit for this MDD! While I debut her wig, I took the chance to debut the panties too. Aruru’s smile has turned creepy, lol. By the way, Aruru is wearing “bottle panties no.2”, a chiffon pair. I guess the quality is not bad.

あかりつん (@go_akari_go) October, 14, 2016 (translated)

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