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Unique Valentine’s Day Chocolate Ideas from Japan!

Chocolate Hair Treatment
February 10, 2017

Unique Valentine’s Day Chocolate Ideas from Japan!


Chocolates have long been the traditional gift for Valentine’s Day, but sometimes it’s fun to have a twist on tradition to keep things fresh!

Japan certainly has it in the bag when it comes to creating cute, new designs and packaging for chocolates and candies. So, whether you’re looking for that perfect gift or just looking for an excuse to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day, the shops in Japan will have something for you. The main difficulty will be trying to stop yourself from buying it all! Just check out these goodies!

These chocolate spoons are the perfect gift for the coffee-lover in your life. Designed to be added to a latte to make a yummy chocolate latte. Make the latte, stir with your spoon and watch as it melts into a delicious goo. The best part is, it’s one less thing to wash after you’re done!

Chocolate Latte Spoons

Made for melting in your mouth!

Okay, so the following candies are not chocolate, but I couldn’t resist including these cute and unusual lollipops. They are a sweet combo of flowers and candy for Valentine’s Day with pretty, edible flowers right inside the lollipop. Each flower has a different flavour and meaning, so that you can tailor the gift for your special someone.

Edible Flower Lollipops

The flowers are completely edible!

Cute cakes and cookies abound here in Japan all year through, but especially around Valentine’s Day. If you or your loved one enjoys traditional Japanese sweets and red bean paste, why not go for some of these heart-shaped cakes? The traditional red bean past is mixed with chocolate for a Valentines twist, and the Japanese experience is complete with some mistranslated English printed on the bun.

Japanese Valentines Red Bean Cakes

Japanese Valentines Red Bean Cakes
Happy Valentine 😉

Strawberries are always a delicious treat, so why not combine them with chocolate this Valentine’s Day?

White Chocolate Strawberries

At least you can pretend you’re being a little bit healthy.

Strawberry Valentines Bag

They come in this cute, little bag!

Okodepa come up with fun chocolate designs for Valentine’s Day. This year they have fish containing tiny, chocolate eggs! Nothing says romantic like giving your loved one little, chocolate fish babies. Awww!

Chocolate Fish and Fish Eggs

Here, darling, have a pregnant chocolate fish. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Finally, if your Valentine doesn’t fancy getting any fatter this year, but you still want to buy them something chocolate-themed, these chocolate hair treatments may be just the thing! They contain real chocolate, and are sure to have your loved one smelling delicious…perhaps too delicious. Has science gone too far?!

Chocolate Hair Treatment

Why eat chocolate when you can practically bathe in it?

As always, you can purchase any of these goods through our shopping service. If anything takes your fancy, feel free to pop over and place an order.

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