Accio Tokyo

About Us

Accio Tokyo LLC. is a shopping service located in central Tokyo. We take online and physical store orders, to allow you to shop through us for anything at any store in Tokyo and beyond!

Our Goal

The goal of Accio Tokyo is to make Japanese goods freely available to you, not only by purchasing on your behalf, but by showing you what’s available in Tokyo through our website. There are so many amazing goods here that you just can’t get abroad, and what’s online is only a small sample – there is so much more! Our desire is to bring ‘Japan’ to you in an easy and convenient way!

Why Us?

No hidden charges. All of our charges are flat fees and up front, so you will know the amount you can expect to pay.

We genuinely care about fulfilling your order and getting these items safely to you. Customer service is a high priority, and we will do our best to help you throughout the process. Questions are welcome!

We are proficient in Japanese, English and German, so we can talk with sellers on your behalf as well as communicate with you in either English or German.

Who We Are

We are a small company with extensive shopping service experience and an interest in Japanese pop culture and fashion. Our team currently consists of two expatriats in the main – one from Germany, and one from Scotland, so you are able to contact us in either English or German! We have enjoyed living here in Japan for going on four years.

Why Accio Tokyo?

“Accio” is the Latin word for “summon” or “fetch”, which is exactly what we will be doing for you. Also, we happen to be big fans of a certain wizarding series that uses this word in a spell…




We can hold orders absolutely free of charge for up to 30 days! Consolidation is also free.


No transaction fees, no Paypal fees. There are no hidden costs to surprise you, so you will know your costs up front.


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