Accio Tokyo

Our Service

Accio Tokyo LLC. is a shopping service located in central Tokyo.

Through us you can shop for anything at almost any store in Tokyo and beyond! As long as it is possible to purchase it, we can get it for you.
Think of us as your shopping guide and assistant in Tokyo. You can come to us with queries, help with searches and, of course, purchase requests. We will do our best to help!

What We Do

  • We can purchase from any online store providing it is a straightforward transaction, and the seller/store is willing to sell.
  • We can purchase from independent sellers.
  • We can purchase from physical stores anywhere in the central Tokyo area.
  • We can purchase items for you at events such as concerts, festivals, conventions, special releases, etc. Sometimes this requires more time queuing or waiting to purchase. Queuing fees are 1000 yen per hour plus the base fee, and are charged after depending on the time taken to procure your desired item(s).
  • We can purchase from physical stores outside of the Tokyo area – anywhere in Japan! In this case, travel and commission fees will be dependent on the time and costs required. You can contact us for a quote here.

What We Don’t Do

  • We cannot purchase from auction websites such as mbok or Yahoo! Auctions.
  • We cannot purchase from secondhand marketplace websites or apps such as Mercari or Fril.

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