Japan Shopping & Proxy Service
About Us

Accio Tokyo LLC. is a proxy shopping service located in central Tokyo. We help you shop for anything at any store in Tokyo and beyond!

What is a proxy service?

A proxy service means an intermediary service. Accio Tokyo staff work as an intermediary for you, by purchasing items that you cannot get yourself either because you live abroad or because the store requires payment via a Japanese bank account or credit card, or perhaps because the Japanese is simply too confusing.

Japan is famous for its amazing, gorgeous and wacky goodies, but Japanese stores can be a bit behind the times when it comes to allowing international payments or providing international shipping. On top of that, many Japanese websites do not have any English translation, which can be frustrating when you see something you really want, but have no idea how to get.

This is where we come in. We can purchase these items for you. We take care of payments, ordering, shipping, and any questions you might have regarding your desired goods. We buy from online stores, physical stores and fleamarkets apps such as Mercari, Fril and Otamart.

So, whether you want something from a tiny, little shop hidden in a back ally, or from an online fashion megastore , or from a concert selling exclusive band merchandise, we are here to help!

Overall, we make it possible for you to get what you want without the hassle. Our intuitive dashboard allows you to track and view your order statuses every step of the way, and you can always come to us with any questions. There is no obligation to make a purchase, so feel free to ask away before you try us out!

Why Shop with Us?
No hidden charges

All of our charges are flat fees and up front, so you will know the amount you can expect to pay.

High-Quality Customer Service

We genuinely care about fulfilling your order and getting these items safely to you. Customer service is a high priority, and we will do our best to help you throughout the process. Questions are welcome!

English, German and Japanese is OK!

We are proficient in Japanese, English and German, so we can talk with sellers on your behalf as well as communicate with you in either English or German.

Our Goal

The goal of Accio Tokyo is to make Japanese goods freely available to you, not only by purchasing on your behalf, but by showing you what’s available in Tokyo through our website. There are so many amazing goods here that you just can’t get abroad, and what’s online is only a small sample – there is so much more! Our desire is to make shopping at Japanese stores as easy as shopping in your own hometown.