Japan Shopping & Proxy Service
Shopping Service Fees

Accio Tokyo's Service Fees

Online Orders

550 yen per item

Online orders are any items bought from webshops and online retail stores. The service fee for purchasing online goods is 550 yen per item. If you buy several of the same item, our fee is still only 550 yen. So, for example, if you buy 2 of the same green t-shirt from an online store, our fee is 550 yen. If you buy 1 red t-shirt and 1 green t-shirt from that store, our fee if 550 yen per t-shirt (1100 yen in total).

Fleamarket Orders

1500 yen per listing

Fleamarket orders are any orders bought C2C (customer to customer). This includes items bought from fleamarket apps such as Mercari, Fril, Rakuma, Otamart, etc. It also includes transactions with private sellers or businesses operating on platforms such as Twitter or blogs. Basically, any private transactions where we are required to purchase from and communicate with a private seller in order to arrange the transaction is considered a fleamarket order. NOTE: We do not provide a proxy bidding service. We cannot bid on items. We can only purchase "Buy It Now" goods.

In-store Orders

4950 yen Per Trip + 600 yen Travel Fee (up to 5 items - if more than 5 items there is an additional charge of 100 yen per extra item)

In-store orders are any orders which require us to visit a physical store in Japan. We can shop anywhere in Japan. Our office is located in Tokyo, so the 4950 yen standard fee is for central Tokyo locations. If the location of your goods is outside of Tokyo, we recommend contacting us for a quote. Travel time and costs may be more than a central Tokyo location. We include 1 hour free travel time for any return trip. If your goods are located outside of Tokyo, then after the 1st hour of travel, there is a fee of 750 yen per extra 30 minutes travelling.

Reservations and Pre-orders

In-store Fee + 1500 yen

If you would like to reserve or pre-order an item from a physical store, this will often require two trips to the store (one trip to make the reservation, and a second to pick up the order when it is ready). If it requires two trips, there will be an additional service fee of 1500 yen for pick-up plus the corresponding travel costs.

Live Shopping

4950 yen + Travel Fee + 750 yen per 30 minutes Live Shopping

Live Shopping is a unique service we provide. Online goods are only a small sample of the amazing goodies that Japan has to offer. Sometimes it takes a trip to the street stores around Tokyo to get an idea of all the awesome things that are available. Now you can do that. You can make an appointment with a shopper, and send them to any store you wish in Tokyo. They will live chat and send you pictures of items, as well as search for items you want to buy. You can see what's there in real time for yourself!

Snipe Purchase Fee

Online Service Fee + 500 yen

A snipe purchase is a purchase that must be made at a specific time. For example, if you would like us to buy a ticket that goes on sale at 10:00am on a particular Saturday, that would be a considered a snipe purchase. We would prepare for purchase, wait online at that designated time, and do our best to get the item for you as soon as it goes up for sale. Since snipe purchases can take more time and preparation, as well as a required appointment, the 500 yen snipe purchase fee is non-refundable even if we do not successfully get the item. All other fees are refundable.

Payment Processing Fee

4.45% + 40 yen

What is the payment processing fee? Our service does not receive this fee. With every online transaction there must be a merchant company that handles the transaction. Our handler is Paypal, and all transactions go through them. As such, they charge us a percentage of each order total for their services. The payment processing fee is included in your quote/invoice to cover the charge we receive on our end. For example, if you purchase an online item for 1000 yen. Our service fee is 550 yen making a total of 1,550 yen. The payment processing fee is 4.45% + 40 yen of that amount (109 yen) bringing your order total to 1,659 yen.

Queuing Fees

750 yen Per 30 Minutes

While most in-store orders are buy-and-go, there are times such as at events or popular sales, that the shopper is required to queue for purchase. In this case, the service fee is 750 yen per 30 minutes. When you place your order via the dashboard, you can pre-approve a maximum amount of time you would like the shopper to queue. We recommend this if you are sending us to an event or if you think the item will be very popular.

We can do overnight queuing/camping. The service charge for queuing between 11pm - 6am is 1500 yen per 30 minutes.

When it comes to queuing, we do our best to try and save costs for you. For example, if the item is likely to be sold out well before the shopper reaches the front of the line, then they may abandon queuing. In another situation, the shopper may have reached your maximum queuing time budget, but may only need to wait another 5-10 minutes to make purchase. In that case, the shopper will wait a little longer in order to get your good(s). A small time slot like 5-10 minutes is not charged. Since we don't know how long queuing might take, queuing fees are invoiced after along with shipping. Queuing fees are non-refundable.



Consolidation means having various orders packed together in one shipment. We provide this service absolutely free. You can create your own custom package from the "Storage" page on your dashboard and choose which items you would like shipped.


300 yen

If you have already requested for your items to be prepared for shipping, and then change your mind later (e.g. you would like to add more items), there is a 300 yen charge for the repackaging service.


Free! (For Up To 30 Days)

We store your goods completely free for up to 30 days. This means you can add more items to your package and save on shipping costs by having everything shipped together. You will receive a notification when your free hold period is coming to an end so that you don't get caught unawares. After the free hold period has ended, we charge 50 yen per day for further storage. We can hold goods for you indefinitely. However, if we do not receive any instruction from you for 1 month after the free hold period ends, your order will be considered "Abandoned", and may be discarded. Again, we will send you a notification 1 week in advance to give you time to request shipment or to let us know that you'd like us to store it for longer. You can also check the status on your "Orders" page anytime.

Photos of Goods

150 yen Per Photo

You can request photos of your goods before having them shipped. In this case, our fee is 150 yen per photo for this extra service.

Store Searches


If you want us to find something for you, just contact or message us with as much information as you can provide, and we will do our best to locate it! We offer free searches for one item. If you want us to search for multiple items we may have to charge you for our time. Please note this is dependent upon the difficulty of your request. Feel free to get in touch for a quote