Japan Shopping & Proxy Service
Terms and conditions

1. Privacy and personal information

Please review our Privacy Policy for information on how Accio Tokyo handles personal information.

2. Copyrights and Trademarks

All content, graphics, logos, images, icons is the property of Accio Tokyo. It is prohibited to use or distribute these materials without the prior written permission of Accio Tokyo.

3. Terms of Service Changes

Accio Tokyo may revise the terms from time to time without without any prior notification. We have your understanding you accept the new or additional terms when you use our services.

4. Commission Fees And Payment

(1) Accio Tokyo might revise our commission fees without prior notice. We have your understanding you accept that newly revised fees will take immediate effect when you use our services, after the commission fees were revised.

(2) For whatever additional fees other than commission fees as specified by Accio Tokyo (refer to commission fees corresponding to each service) that is incurred, it is the responsibility of the customer to pay for these fees. Accio Tokyo have no obligation to pay on behalf of customers.

(3) Customers must make payment of all service charges as instructed no later than the date specified by Accio Tokyo.

5. Goods Inspection

(1) To ensure that customer’s ordered goods are not damaged or in bad shape, Accio Tokyo will open up the parcels and do a brief visual inspection (the exception being if the customer specifically requests us not to do so) when the goods reached us. *Note: No other inspection other than visual will be done.

(2) In the event that the content of items inspected are in violation to the Law for Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds or other applicable legislation, Accio Tokyo might take action to inform the police.

6. Items storage

The allowable period for items of customers to be kept at Accio Tokyo’s storage area would be a maximum of 30 days after the items reached our storage area. Thereafter, if we do not receive any handling or shipping instructions from customers after the specified timeframe of 40 days, we will discard or sell all the items.

7. Returns Of Goods, Refunds

Accio Tokyo is not a retail company nor do we have any contract with retailers on their products, so we do not handle Return Of Goods or Refunds. Customers will have to make arrangement with respective retail company for any refunds or return of goods. If possible, we will help you. However, we reserve the right to refuse this service.

If you wish to cancel an order through us (for a reason other than faulty goods) after it has arrived at our warehouse, and wish for a return, there will be a service fee of 1000 yen to arrange the return. This does not include any domestic shipping or other costs required to return your order. We cannot guarantee being able to make a successful return.

For tickets, once bought, Accio Tokyo cannot do any refunds, cancellations or compensations. For loss compensations during delivery, please refer to no.8

8. Loss, Damage, Defects of Goods

Accio Tokyo cannot be held liable for any damages, defects or loss of goods. In the event if any of the listed occurs, customers will need to contact the retail company or parcel delivery company (including your post office) directly regarding compensation issues. Additionally, Accio Tokyo cannot be held liable for any damages or personal injury caused by goods received through us. We are a middle man, and as such are not responsible for the quality of products shipped.

9. Termination or Suspension Of Service

Accio Tokyo reserves the right to terminate our services without notice to users who fails to make payment, violates any of the Terms of Service or engage in any conduct that we, in our sole discretion, believe is in violation of any applicable law or is harmful to the interests of another user.

(1) In the event that users are engaged in conducts that are in violation to the Law or harmful to the interests of another user, Accio Tokyo might take action to inform the police.

(2) In the event that the Company sustains any losses or damage as a result of a member violating the Terms, the Company will claim compensation against the relevant member accordingly.